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If you're thinking about trying out a new product then it's a good idea to check out some customer and industry reviews before you spend any money. While there are thousands of reviews online dealing with everything from law offices in Mississauga (see TPI Lawyers) to rehabilitation clinics in New Orleans (see End The Epidemic), it can be difficult to tell which ones are coming from reliable unbiased sources and which should be disregarded. After all, one of the best and worst things about the Internet is that it's an open forum where people can post whatever they choose. Here are some tips for spotting quality online product reviews.

Look for a list of credentials and experience. If you were looking for a product review of a new blender for your kitchen than wouldn't you like to take the word of a professional chef or restaurant cook rather than an unnamed source? Also, when looking at credentials you want to check out whether or not the reviewer has any connections to the products they are reviewing. It's less reliable to take the word of someone on the company payroll than a completely outside source.

Make sure that it's giving all of the relevant information about the product. If you're looking at a review for acne treatment cream then you want to make sure it answers all of your questions about this product. It's not very useful if it tells you that the product reduced acne but does not let you know if it's safe for sensitive skin or how long the product takes to be effective. A quality review will include images and an explanation of how well the product works as well as the reviewer's final opinions. A product review could be extremely engaging and well written but it's useless if it doesn't answer your consumer questions.

Make sure the target audience for the review is someone like you. If you're looking for a personal use luggage to use on your family vacation then make sure you're not looking at a review meant for business professionals. There are usually several different uses for a product and you want to make sure it is the right choice for whatever you need it for.

Check for comments adding to the end of the review. Many times, major reviewing sites allow visitors to essential review the review. This can be very helpful but must also be taken with a grain of salt, as these are not experts on the subject but simply other consumers like you. Remember there's some safety in numbers. If you see dozens of people questioning that review then maybe you should do the same. Check out several different reviews on the same product to be sure that you're getting a fair assessment.

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