For The New Home Owner

If you've been invited to a friend or relative's housewarming party and aren't sure what to get or where to buy it, this article is for you. Not many people have more than a vague idea of what's needed to fill a new home and men are especially hopeless. If you're pressed for time or you hate malls, online shopping is quick and convenient, making it an ideal place to buy a house warming gift or special something for a new home or condo owner. But what to buy? Here are some hints and tips for buying housewarming presents online.

Man Living Alone

Though there are some men who love to decorate, the general rule is that women are the decorating gurus while men just use a house as a place to sleep and store their stuff. If you're buying for a man, by all means go ahead and pick out some useful household items or decorations because it's likely he will need them. Some good ideas would be storage for his toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, razor) kitchenware, a vacuum cleaner, or bed linens, because these are some things he may not think of. If you're going for something he would like, try electronics or tools, but keep in mind he probably has a lot already. Many online retailers allow you to purchase online and pick up in-store to save time.

Woman Living Alone

For a woman living alone, a new apartment or house is like a blank slate which they get to fill without consulting the opinion of anyone else. As you would expect, they like to pick out their own items, especially if they've just shelled out big bucks for luxury real estate. Toronto is full of shops where they can carefully assemble each piece of their new home and they're probably looking forward to this process. Having you pick something out will only throw a wrench in this process, so money or gift cards are the best ideas for women unless you know some specific items they've had their eye on. Online retailers offer gift cards that you can send directly to the homeowner's inbox.


Buying housewarming gifts for couples is often more than twice as difficult as buying a gift for a single person living alone because not only does the item have to suit both parties they may also have decided upon a joint style when they started looking for new homes. Some local made furniture may not fit their ideal. You can always go for gift cards with couples, but another thing you can do is to get them to go online and make a gift registry at one of the major retailers to give their friends and family (and you) some ideas.


Students are usually the best people to buy housewarming presents for because they have nothing and are grateful for anything. Having drained their finances to afford the home that is close to school, they won't have much left over for decorations, dishes, linens, and other household items. With students, you have a clean slate. Be sure to visit Pinterest for an abundance of house warming gift ideas for anyone on your list.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021