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It is a proven fact that many people use magazines to find ideas for their home; be it decorating, renovating, or reconstructing. They also say that one can tell a lot about a person from the appearance of their home; just like the appearance of oneself. So, here it is. One's appearance can often indicate their habits for music, their profession, their preference for materials, and so on. Given this criteria, should we then think that if someone decides to buy one of those new homes, it would mean that they should be decorating their home in a different way to someone living in another city? This is food for thought.

One can easily expand on this thought process by asking so many other types of questions. Does it mean that if one wears a certain style of clothing it should be taken to mean that they would be living in a certain city or in a certain type of home? For those living in lofts, what criteria should we be using in order to determine whether or not they are living in these types of homes?

In the same way that it is now much easier to keep abreast of clothing fashions through the Internet, fashions for the home are the same; not just in magazines but actually online. It is no longer necessary to fly to exotic international locations to be able to buy from top home designers and decorators. Much like it is expected when it comes to clothing fashions. Persons living in a home can now use the Internet to find ideas for their home. They can go online and shop for what they need in order to renovate, build, or decorate their homes and the same would hold true for anyone living anywhere.

A very interesting thought to consider would be this one: How easy is it to tell where someone lives through what they wear? For example: Do people living in Toronto lets say, dress any differently from those living elsewhere? Would a real estate agent dress any differently from a Florida real estate agent? Is it possible to tell where a real estate agent is from based on what they wear? It is important to understand that it is not about what clothing you wear but that you feel confident and comfortable wearing it.

There are many other questions that one can ask based on the concept of fashion; that is, one is often judged based on their appearance. Here is another question for thought. Would a property look any differently in appearance from one in another city? If two homes were to be placed side by side either on the Internet or in a home magazine, would the viewer or reader be able to tell which is the home.

Often time, it is definitely possible to tell which clothing fashion designer has designed which piece of clothing and in the case of certain types of homes, it may be possible to tell which reputable home designer designed which home. However, it is your home or condo and you can choose to decorate it to suit your style and needs. Shopping from magazines can give you great ideas you might not have otherwise thought of.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021