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Not too long ago, if you wanted to be counted as one who was on the cutting edge, as far as fashion, you had to contact a prestige recruiting firm to get a high paying job and relocate to the nearest metropolis. Smaller urban centres just did not have the population numbers and demographics to support the lines created by some of the world's most famous designers; there just was not enough money to guarantee a return. So, women and men in smaller towns just had to look at the latest seasonal trends (or even old stand-bys) in magazines or on television and save up for a big trip, or go with what imitation brand names they could get.

By definition, smaller towns, still don't have the population to justify opening high end fashion stores or boutiques, but the difference in today's world is that fashion conscious town dwellers can have the latest trends brought to them. The Internet is a cost effective way for designers and outlets to shop their styles to a huge number of people all over the world, and shoppers in any city where one can get connected can now order anything available through the magic of the Internet.

This means that those great looking pieces that you see in celebrity and fashion magazines are no longer just a dream or a basis for a knock-off shopping trip; the opportunity for you to be seen in the same cut, style, and colour dress that you saw an actress wearing in this week's edition of Us is a beautiful reality, even if you live hundreds of miles away in somewhere.

In fact, looking for that straight-from-the-magazine bit of fashion online might be even easier than shopping for it at brick and mortar businesses. Going from a picture in a magazine to holding that piece of clothing or accessory in your hands used to mean either cutting it out or having a truly photographic memory, all while planning out the trip that would see you make the purchase, which might seem to cost as much as a home! Today, a quick Google search or just going to your favourite online shopping site can find you all the details you want about that picture in just a few minutes; designer, sizes, price, and where you can pick it up. So, not only does online shopping help to make the formerly impractical possible, it can also cut a lot of time out of a shopping day (time that can be spent looking for other one-of-a-kind items!). Looking for a very specific product such as a front auto license plate cover? Instead of driving around looking in numerous stores, find Wheels Auto online and buy it from them!

The age of online shopping is here, and it is the responsibility of every fashion-conscious person to take advantage of it. No more sitting around wishing you had access to the stores that had the latest styles for purchase; your computer, connection, and your credit card are all you need now to bring that style off of the glossy page and into your closet.

You might even find that, in some cases, the magazine you are looking at will be helpful in your search for that perfect piece of clothing or accessory. Often the byline of the photograph will include information as to the designer, price tag, and size of the most eye catching pieces in the picture, perfect for entering into the Search function of the best online shopping sites. You might not be able to afford the real thing if you're living off just your salary, but online there are also plenty of affordable alternatives.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021