Money Saving Tips

Most of us when we go shopping want to be able to walk away with that new Chanel bag or the latest Apple product. But no matter how hard you might work all week helping with anger management classes as a recent psychology graduate or working an office job it's likely just not feasible to give your credit cards that much exercise. There are those things that we need to buy to get through our everyday lives and some things that are going to need to stay in the storefront window for someone else. Here are some tips for making smart shopping decisions and some to help you save up for a few splurge items every once in a while.

The first tip is to do your best to try to live within your means. Credit card debt is never your friend and ignoring it can cause huge problems for your future finances and life. While you may want to surprise your family with a week away or wish to buy a new car, if you can't afford it than you shouldn't do it. If you know that you will not be able to do this for a short while, maybe you're on leave from work because of a new baby at home or you're attending school, you should consider getting a line of credit from the bank and using that for your debt. The interest will be lower than on a credit card.

Make sure that you're always shopping the sales when you're purchasing larger items. Pay attention to the flyers that come to your home with the evening paper and look out for deals on the larger items that you might need for your home. When you need a new couch, car, or bike for one of the kids you likely will not need to make the purchase immediately. Shop around and don't buy until you know that you are getting a good deal. This could go for everything from dental procedures to starting a new diet plan.

Bundle all of your home services where possible. Usually dealing with one company for your phone, Internet and television will mean you can reduce expenses for your home quite a bit. You should also check to make sure you are getting the best deal possible for any other bills that you pay monthly, from your gym membership to your electrical bill. Take the time to look over each of your bills to make sure they are completely accurate.

Sign up for newsletters and online coupons from your favourite stores. If you're a sucker for the clothes at Club Monaco or the deals at Home Hardware than you should see if they have email notices of sales and specials that you can get mailed to your home account. This could make all the difference to your finances and you won't have to send out resumes to get a better paying job to afford your lifestyle.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021